Matt Damon Gets Face-to-Face With Tiger in New 'We Bought a Zoo' Still

The number of new images of the "We bought a zoo" were presented. Come by the United States today, two of them offer a look at the Matt Damon as Benjamin. One sees that it is faced with an older Tiger Spar, and the other has him holding a poster with the Grand opening of the Zoo features that his son failed to draw.

Other photographs provided the first look at Scarlett Johansson as Kelly foster, grew up with zoos and remained as a guard. Adding pictures is Maggie Elizabeth Jones playing an orphan girl named Rosie, who according to the Director Cameron Crowe, Kelly in his mother's side.

USA Today also released a composite group photo together with the photographs. Join Damon, Johansson and Jones with other members of the cast, he shows Thomas Haden Church as a counter to brother Benjamin, Duncan; Colin Ford as Benjamin's son, Dylan; Angus MacFadyen as Peter Coleman; Elle Fanning as Kelly's niece, Lily; and Patrick Fugit as handyman Robin with Crystal monkey.

Based on the Memoir by Benjamin Mee, this film follows journalist who decided to move his family to abandon animal Rosemoor Wildlife Park after his wife, died of cancer on the brain. His life has run away in his day dealing with the Tigers added animal work. Working with skeleton crew Eclectic and readying for the Zoo

Why it adopted a draft, director Crowe United States today, said "I like to do things that were less than an achingly personal, ' just let use the courts to do so, create it and get the actors, as well as his love and rip will be there with you." "he added," let the joy of flooding in the experience, not just ' Let's go watch more funeral parlors. ""

Damon, talked about his character. "It's a little Act of desperation for Benjamin," he said of his character motivation for his family to the Zoo. "Hey it's impulsive, but at the same time, his deceased wife celebrated this type of adventure. It's a love story about a boy who still loves his wife. "

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