Earthquake closes iconic Washington monuments -- for now

The Washington Monument, and Lincoln and Jefferson public in wake of closed earthquake 5.8 today 's and remains closed until proper security assement can complete companion.

There were conflicting reports about whether late Tuesday, the Washington Monument – one of the most instantly recognizable symbols of the nation's capital, suffered no damage-. The Associated Press reported that a crack was found at the top of the monument, which is the tallest stone structure of world is higher Spire world , standing just over 555 feet high.

The National Park Service Posted another message on his website, that made no mention of such harm, but: "The complete NPS the previous building of the Washington Monument and found it to be structurally sound. The Washington Monument grounds are to be restored except for the plaza and the monument itself. In NPS, and inspect the Interior of the monument, before any decisions are taken on again by opening it to the public. "

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The National Park Service temporarily closed the Lincoln Memorial, Jefferson Memorial, and the old Post Office Tower as a precautionary measure after the earthquake, and these monuments can be already as Wednesday to a safe area.

For now, however, "the monument to Washington, because of its structural complexity, will remain closed until further notice, " says the NPS website. "

Whether NPS Memorial Martin Luther King, Jr., Franklin D. Roosevelt Memorial, the Memorial of World War II Memorial, the Vietnam and Korean War Memorial remain open, he said.

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