NFL Free Agency: Ronnie Brown Could Be St. Louis Rams' Next Running Back

After Reggie Bush and Darren Sproles quickly signed and links began the Rams from St. Louis, an alternative search beat Steven Jackson before him, began the team to the conventional backup options in his short trip through the NFL free agency to search. Rumor up Tuesday was Ronnie Brown, Miami Dolphins and former starter for versatility of love, buy one of the instigators NFL critical acceptance of the Wildcat offense.

Brown, his best season in the nba draft was held on the second position in 2005, 2008, when the Division ran with Ricky Williams, and 916 meters, had an average of 2.7 to move per 10 touchdown. Already at the facility, the Rams are solid rights, they are used to divide without freaking out about Brown, Steven Jackson to find a way to reduce the workload.

Of course, to solve problems that may just add–Jackson was recently quoted as saying he wanted to pass more objective, which is a prelude to attacks on his limited workload may have rushed into 2011.

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