John Terry - The Smokers for Tobacco-Free

One of my friends brought it to my notice, and the first thing I think, is blogging about it. Television! Well, if any of you smoking out there, you'll know that the King of the Golden Flake came up with a new package. Not much has changed in the field, except for the fact that the lungs are deflated in front of the pack has changed. I'm shell shocked when I saw the new picture. It is a little vague, but anyone who watched football will know that people that are not covered except for English and Chelsea captain "John Terry".

I mean, seriously, no ITC will not get another picture to put up? Forget the fact that he was not India. But when I'm not mistaken (which I most times), Terry does not smoke. So what's putting his picture on the package of cigarettes. Do not like my friend suggested, a simple google search image for a stranger topless, or perhaps sheer ignorance, or even the worst case scenario, if it's just plain wrong. Oh, and I lost the reason (not likely) that most likely, is not John Terry.

I do not believe even if someone told me that it is not JT. It just looks so much like him. I guess I still believe it was just a mistake. So someone please tell me, do you think JT will sue? And if he does, smokers beware, you can only see prices increase further the King. Terry I wont tell if you wont.

If any of you any more doubt, I guess you can check out a dent on the right shoulder. Both pics! Voila .. He him .. But the question remains .. WHY?

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