News Channel 5 won’t broadcast Ads from MPG clients

News Channel 5 is not full of ads for MPG clients. MPG clients include Hyundai / Kia, EDF Energy, and throughout the country. Yes, after talks between News Channel 5 is owned by Richard Desmond's Northern & Shell and MPG, MPG ad clients are not in this channel. Starting from a particular source of advertising clients was shelved for MPG not always, but did not return until at least March.

News Channel 5 disagree

In the news channel 5 and the discussion MPG, News Channel 5 is represented by Nick Bampton, director of sales stations. It is said that the discussions did not comply with contractual agreements for trade in the fall. We do not know about the problem of trade as an agent, MPG has made a deal very well for the 2012 season with four television channels. Based on sources that have a relationship with Sky Media, ITV and Channel 4 has reached an agreement with MPG and said they had found a satisfactory agreement.

News Channel 5 deal

What happened to the news channel 5 and MPG is definitely not the first problem of non-identifiers disagreement. In 2001, some of these entities do not speak the same voice of the customer FNCG clients such as Reckitt Benckiser and Univel. In 2010, the News Channel 5 had the same problem with Aegis Media.

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