Greg Kelly, son of Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly off 'Good Day New York'

"Good Day New York" co-anchor Greg Kelly is from the air to WNYW / Channel 5, while he dealt with allegations that he sexually assaulted a woman.

"Greg Kelly has asked for time off," said station general manager Lew Leone said in a statement Thursday.

Leone did not say how long Kelly was absent from work. But the Daily News has confirmed Steve Lacy was in the chair Kelly Friday and Monday, as Thursday.

In air partner Kelly, Rosanna Scotto, should air on Friday for the holiday weekend planned for a long time, but he refused to plan, the sources said.

It is unlikely that Kelly, the son of the police in New York, Raymond Kelly, Commissioner, is back before there was a resolution to the investigation, the sources said.

Scotto, who is associated with Kelly since 2008, learned to wake up early Call the co-presenter is not in the air. Study came to the East Side station at 05:30

"I love Greg," he said.

As the show begins at 7:00, Scotto clearly dimmer than normal air. He never mentioned the charges against Kelly.

At one point Lacy said, "We need a distraction."

Insiders - whether you love or hate - I do not believe the charges against Kelly.

"This is a travesty," says a colleague. "Greg does not hurt anyone. . . This will prove to be false and Greg was very liberating. "

Some describe him as a task master and said that sometimes gets away with it, because it was his father. But even they do not believe that the former Marine will commit a crime.

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