Channel 5 and MPG embroiled in trading dispute

Stagnation means MPG advertising clients, including Hyundai in the country, / Kia and EDF Energy, is not currently running channel stations.

The talks between Channel 5, owned by Richard Desmond's Northern & Shell, MPG and is said to take place. But sources say the MPG advertising customers can not return to the anchor line until March at least.

Some sources suggest MPG and Channel 5, which is represented by the sales director Nick Bampton, unable to reach an agreement during the operation in the fall.

If not, the time the 2012 agreement appears to be relatively smooth with a group of institutions that trade sales fell four major television at home.

Sources close to Sky Media, Channel 4 and ITV each said they were satisfied with the provisions of the agreements reached with the media agencies.

Season 2 011 agreement is also famous for its lack of a dispute, but the narrowing of margins in early 2010 that led to the advertising of consumer goods giant Unilever and Reckitt Benckiser as from multiple broadcasters.

Channel 5 is also having problems with the means of defense in 2010 resulted in a stalemate in the first half of this year.

MPG and Channel 5 declined to comment.

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