Pat Sajak drunk behind the 'Wheel': Can you get a DUI for that?

Pat Sajak may have seen something more than the tire spinning wheel for a host of Fortune.

In an interview with Dan Le Batard ESPN2, game show host has long recognized that he and Vanna White wing-woman used to hit the bar for a margarita break two and a half hour film series.

"Vanna and I need to go through and have two or three or six years and then in and do the latest gigs and had difficulty recognizing the alphabet," says Sajak. "They were really good to get a hold of the tape."

While the Internet to reach encoded puns as possible (and keep looking for YouTube video), one can imagine the hidden treasures of the old episodes, as seen from the perspective of the new revelation. With Confucius as a knowledge of word games and physical aging as the Ken doll, verse is a constant source of entertainment in tires since 1983. I can only imagine how much better visual experience when I knew Sajak and Vanna are w_sted _bsol_tely. Vanna might stumble on the way to the revelation of "before and after" very smart, while Sajak said the value of each participant, no, really, how much I love, really, man, I love you.

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