Curtis Painter holds his own against Bucs

Maybe Reggie Wayne on something again in August when, after the Colts signed Kerry Collins out of retirement to keep Curtis Painter out of court, said: "I do not even know [Collins] is not vanilla, man, with a simple crime. So that he can come here and be a starter, I do not see it. I think this is a step backwards. "

Implication is not that Collins was not able to reserve in the absence of Peyton Manning, as a lack of familiarity with the Indy offense to make a more attractive option than a painter, who has been with the team since 2009. We have the idea that last week when the painter, with the aid of an injured Collins, is useful against the Steelers.

Against the Buccaneers on Monday more than that, there was a phone call, changing the protection and enforcement of the no-crowd, Indy is not feasible to Collins in the middle.

In his first NFL start, completed 13 of 30 for 281 Yards Passing painters, two goals, and most importantly, no interceptions. (Although it is answered, sack, which is not surprising considering he played behind a depleted offensive line. Indy rookie Anthony handles disappear leaving Ijalana Castonzo and Ben at the time game.)

In the second quarter, beaten painter Pierre Garcon on a sideline route for 87 yards and a touchdown elegant 10-0 lead. (The longest was the first career touchdown pass as Charlie Batch threw the 98-page in 1998 is more impressive is longer than a regular season goal of Peyton Manning ..)

But it became a painter. Conclude with the Colts 17-10 in the third quarter, came Garcon, this time for 59-yard quality. But it is still not enough, the Bucs the lead in the fourth quarter and dumb painter bombarded by the rest of the night. Once completed, the Indy Tampa hobbled by losing 24-17.

This is what happens when you are without your franchise quarterback and key players missing on both sides of the ball.

So no, it's not always pretty, but let's face it: Painter surpassed all expectations of people, and it is positive for the Colts team in desperate need of good news. Unfortunately there are no moral victories in the NFL, and a quarter of the way through the season, Indy is 0-4.

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