‘Girl Fight’: Florida beating story inspires Lifetime movie

"Girl Fight" was inspired by the history of Florida, Lakeland teen-beat event that became a YouTube sensation in 2008.

But it soon became apparent that we are not in the state of Florida. There is a mountain in the movie, which opens at 21:00 am on Monday in life.

"This guy must be from Florida, but was shot in Canada," says Benita situation "Bonnie" Garvin.

"Girl Fight" is trying to tell a larger story of Victoria "Tori" Lindsay, women were attacked in Lakeland. The filmmakers have the right to life is the family of Lindsay, and then go their own way, said Garvin.

"You have a story, begins to investigate," says Garvin. "I do not agree with the requirements of the network, who embellish. Was inspired by his story, but I do not see it as a story. This story is universal. "

Garvin's family spoke with Lindsay on the phone for some time. Members of the family movies have different names, including dialogue and situations created by Garvin.

"It would be unfair for me to be based on it. I do not know them quite well, "Garvin said. "I'm really in the spirit of history, not reality. There is a sign that hit on television, and that an announcement is coming. You should play with it. TV is not intended as a documentary. If you want real life, there is no need to switch to the movie for him. "

"Girl Fight" sends a message of forgiveness, the star said. Jodelle Ferland, 16, plays Haley, who was attacked by teens. "It was a normal girl trying to fit in," said Jodelle. "How came through it [the attack] has shown great courage. He was angry about that, but he never wanted revenge. "

Anne Heche and James Tupper, who is a partner in real life, playing old Haley.

"One of the most beautiful things is the way our children can teach us something. We must be open to his wisdom, "says Anne Heche. "My character comes to understand that he receives a pardon."

This film gives the keynote address Heche Garvin, said in court about what really happened.

"We struggled in the final film," says Garvin. "Ending a mother come true in an area set aside their own anger, and suddenly I saw the children and see them as children. It was a case in which there are toughie. "

Tupper said he read the script before the study was inspired by a true story. "I was surprised," he said. "The parents of our generation to address new problems created by technology."

He described the film as a lesson, and that helps families facing problems such as violence and resolve conflicts. He said he had signed on to do "Girl Fight" because of the way it ended.

"It was a very emotional and I hope people learn from it," he said.

Heche says she does not know the history of Lakeland, good, and says the film will help people to speed.

"What may help parents understand what is happening to our children is very useful and feasible to do," he said. "I have children, too, and I want to know what to look out for. You should be aware of a parent, you should know about it, and should support your child. "

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