Apple Can't Keep Up With Demand for iPhone Updates

Apple's iPhone operating system can do many interesting things, but to ensure an easy process to upgrade apparently is not one of them.

Since the publication IOS5 on Wednesday, the first eager to upgrade their older devices have been pulling your hair out and flooded the Apple store for assistance. IPhone software is installed - to be a model 4S - really hit the stores on Friday.

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Among the complaints: overwhelmed servers, applications and download time is long gone. A minority report disturbed even "brick" or iPhone frozen.

Fear "Error 3200" seems to appear many times you can enter it (yet compact) Hall of error as an explanation of Apple's Steve Jobs for iPhone users in early issues that hold the antenna of your device is not true.

As high-tech sites like Mashable reported, beleaguered Apple service representatives are advised to call the company in an attempt to fix errors, apparently caused by a large number of customers attempting to upgrade obsolete During server software. The update process took over three hours for some users.

Technology blogger Bill Palmer said the easiest solution is, of course, to get the new iPhone and relatively expensive (from $ 199) 4S with pre-installed system.

He added: "iPhone users who are struggling day by a mysterious" error message 3200 "and will not use your phone for hours during the upgrade process can be more charitable towards Apple's idea of ​​providing a few hundred dollars to 4S as a gift to launch corrupted IOS 5 iPhone that exist. It's just a matter of time before someone creative to connect the dots and said Apple should have reduced the IOS 5 deployment to improve iPhone4S. "

Despite the inconvenience, users welcomed the new features that lead the auditor such as Walt Mossberg in the Wall Street Journal recommends a good phone as an upgrade but not essential. He liked the voice-activated control features new Siri ", an early artificial intelligence system must try to believe.

Around the same time, the iPhone was introduced, reports began circulating that Apple is preparing a plan to put movies in the cloud, which can be placed somewhere between suppliers and competitors, the Hollywood studios.

Apparently, Apple is in talks with representatives of the studio is optimistic to reach an agreement that allows consumers to purchase movies through iTunes and access it from the Apple device. This service, if made final, could start at the beginning of this year.

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