GIRL FIGHT (Lifetime) Advance Review

All life is a premiere his latest film based on a teenager living on the edge, Fight Night girls. Girl fight Haley tells the story of 16 years, a learned man himself explained, is now available in the past year, would like to enjoy a little more. Enter the most popular girls, led by Alexa. Alexa Haley After some small favors, Alexa welcome to the fold. Unfortunately, not all of my friends became enemies Alexa felt the same and only requires a few comments on Facebook to change the anger that many young women seem to have.

You may remember the story behind it. The girls decide to take their revenge on Haley, Äútalking waste, the African Union to persuade them to Alexa, the protagonist in an empty house and took turns beat up while recording to be uploaded to the Internet for instant fame. Although women were arrested and charged before a movie at home has never been loaded, the prosecutor and the police finally part of the video release to the media.

Against the girl Anne Heche stars as Haley, the protagonist becomes a mother, Melissa, Jodelle Ferland and James Tupper as Haley and Haley, became father opponent, Ray. All three are superb in this film. There are times I feel frustrated with Anne Heche, star as the character became too content appearing in Haley, was the behavior changes the opponent when he started dating women. Ray's way of yelling and grounding, but Melissa seems to stop and said cheerfully, Äúoh, just bad, AU or Äúit not help the African Union, without giving an idea about how to help others to let Haley do what he wants.

The story itself is interesting and stays with you long after the film was completed. How does a group move on to another girl so soon? How to decide as fast as his legs and beat him so bad and so long as they do then this movie? The only problem with the film I repeated video playback. Sure, it is the pioneer plot. However, sometimes blinking or feel free to view. Not only was there when it happened, but then we see the party when girls are going, when you see, when parents become protagonists Haley saw it, when the detectives to do when the statement, when Haley and watches others. At some point, it is too.

That said, however, will definitely recommend this movie. The film maintains a good pace over the management to keep the viewer, the flower became the enemy as a whole. The actors are all superb, even those who play the girls said the beating. And, as I said, is something that hits you and makes you think about it later.

So set the night life for girl Fight at 09:00 ET / PT and then come back here and tell me what he thought about the film.

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