Why was it Tim Tebow in Denver on Sunday, and not Brady Quinn?

Despite the opinion of the buyer signs the Denver area, I think it was Brady Quinn (notes) that got the call when the Denver Broncos finally were forced to judge Kyle Orton (remember). It is not. This is Tim Tebow (note).

You know now what it was like Tebow. Although the step numbers are not excessive, somehow Broncos back into the game against the Chargers. They have a chance to win on the final play, but short on funds.

I wonder what happened to Brady Quinn, though. I am not arguing for or against Tebow, or says that Quinn would have done better. You can not ask about the Broncos John Elway after Tebow was Sunday. This post is not about the benefits of a good quarterback. I wonder what happened to Quinn.

There are reports that Tebow is not even third best quarterback in the preseason list. Broncos official website, though refused to declare a winner Tebow vs. Quinn for the position of backup. Still is. Fox said last week that Tebow gives Quinn (including Orton) snaps in practice, showed no preference for either.

A youth movement is not really pure explained, either. If the decision is to play a young man and see what you have, then Quinn is as good as Tebow calls. Quinn 26; Tebow was 24. Not that Quinn was given the opportunity whenever possible to conclude that may or may not be an NFL quarterback.

I see three possible scenarios: 1) somewhere along the way, John Fox decided that Tim Tebow is a better quarterback Brady Quinn, 2) Using the bench press Orton, Fox threw in the towel at this time and plan to see both his young quarterbacks, or 3) Fox succumbed to public pressure to finally play Tebow.

I hope this is not a third option. This is not a good thing for a coach.

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