Chris Tucker performance moved to Plachta Auditorium after low ticket sales

The performance on Saturday was comedian Chris Tucker moved Plachta Warriner Hall Auditorium after selling only 1200 tickets now.

Central Michigan University Program Board decided to modify the original site planned for the CMU Events Center, but the low number of tickets sold is not sufficient to fill the available seats 5300.

Coordinator of Student Activities Damon Brown, PB adviser, said the show unfortunately had to move because of poor ticket sales. Brown said he felt it would be more appropriate Plachta Auditorium for 1,200 people who bought tickets.

"We do not sell enough tickets and must make decisions in the best interests of the whole world will be fair," Brown said. "We want to make sure it would be a good environment for Chris and for those who will show you."

Brown said he felt that the price of tickets has not played an important role in low sales, said Chris Tucker and actions in different markets in general, will cost more to attend.

"I do not think ticket prices are high by any stretch of imagination on the bench a ticket is only $ 10," Brown said. "By 1200 people with tickets will be a great show."

Damon said Plachta Auditorium was cut to show the value of tickets purchased. For example, those who bought floor seats are reserved seats near the stage.

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