Find Your Niche & Follow It - Part 1

In this article series I will show you how to find out if there are people hungry for your product information before you write a single word.Mark Twain once said: "Find out where people are going and get there first" :. With the advent of the internet you will surely find out what people want. Being the first in line to bill them might not be easy.But so there is no way to know if there's a hungry crowd for your information product, and more importantly a crowd with pockets bulging with cash to give. In this article I will share some tips that will save you a lot of grief from any market.Firstly do think it is important that what you are selling your interests, if you sign up for A life of struggle and bad ... Bored! Motivating yourself to sell something that has no interest or belief is soul-destroying at the best of times, so do not do it.Just because * tire * cat suit it would not mean the rest of the planet to take to land them at all. I mean it's pretty small niche with less than 560 searches a month are performed. 

Yes I do actually go and look at the statistics for someone to say the things I saw in marketing-shit is that I was able to explore interests that I do not have the time or desire to become actively involved in Take archery, I can touch a bow as well as the next, and have done for the last few years. But the idea of ​​traipsing off to all the shows on weekends, especially talking a load of rubbish just does not do it for me.But sell this bunch of Robin Hood wannabees a infoprod, and I'm game. Seriously though, I love archery, it is one of the few sports the British government has not really tried to ban ... more! And that brings me to my point ... What do you have an interest that also has a large number of people want to do * that I call sandal purses. You need to find a market where people do not even blink at spending $ 100 per year on the products that you selling.OK time to take some action:. => Develop a preliminary list of 10 interests you => Scan your bookshelves to see what reference books you bought in the past, and on what subject or hobby. => Pay attention when you meet people start talking about their hobbies, their passions. => Pop in a local magazine store and see what interests served. => Can not be bothered to pad your local store, then click to http://www.mediafinder.com and do some searching. => Buy a stack of magazines and go through Classified ads with a highlighter. You have to call round and ask for their information packet. Record where you call and see how quickly information arrives. 

How are they selling? Good, bad, OK? You can improve thequality of what they have to offer? 5-6 for the issue of how many ads are repeated? Make notes and watch market like a hawk. If they do not make money ads will not run. => Hop on over to eBay to explore all the different sub-categories. Which one is active? Which is commanded high prices? => Is there a discussion forum related to your potential market? Buzz to http://www.forumfind.com search.This and not just the beginning. Until the next article I would like to start paying attention to what people are interested in. It may just be as easy as listening to the temptation of people when they are in the news checkout line.Scan, open your eyes and minds to opportunities. 

You will be amazed at how your brain kicks into "selective perception". You do not know what it is? Never buy a car and then all of a sudden you look around the planet driving the exact same model. It's like everyone decided to buy the car YOU just bought. "Selective Perception" excellent work. The same thing happens when you actively go hunting for a niche market ... You actually work for the good of many other things ... developing a list of keywords is another example, and another story.Until times, now resume your homework. * Attention Ezine editors / Site Owners ** Feel free to reprint this article in its entirety in your ezine or on your site so long as you leave all links in place, do not modify the content and include the resource box with the author as listed below the article.

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