Special Advertising in C-Stores

Apparently the mini-blimp indoor theme and concept is making significant progress. We saw them in the halls of Congress sniffing for anthrax. What else can we use it for? C-Stores may use blimp Ads Mini and surveillance to prevent shoplifting. It can be paid by vendors beer, soda vendor as advertising signs, that floats around the store like a pool broom around the family pool. It does not have to be a fool shape, it may very well be any shape like a giant banana or paid must be repaid by the vendors and advertisers. 

Mini camera equipment can be installed to prevent shoplifting. Maybe even a new technology of cell phone video projector that can be placed where you can play at commercial glass refrigerator glass cabinet shop for the consumer, or it can be a warning that they should have the right idea to buy anything in this section? Fool can run on solar power cells in the upper small moth goes from light such as solar powered calculator? Or, if the technology is not available or not sufficient enough on a set of batteries, a trickle charge from the solar cells, lithium ion battery to keep charged. 

Many universities that studies conducted to maneuver miniature blimp ever felt Homeland Security makes things that can make more of a tendency to bio-safety studies sensors.Maneuverability shows the interior is quite feasible and available mini-nano Robotics fool can decrease indicates coupons to consumers. Mini-air balloon and payload is dropped or knocked coupon both the ability of the device.

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