Top Small Business Rules [extract]

During the regulation of small businesses so powerful that it becomes difficult to make buck.For my example of the kind of regulation over small business, which focuses on the American Dream into a nightmare America, I will use a simple business like a car wash. Partly because I was in Industry Car Wash and partly because I was very familiar with all these crazy rules. We can choose the business for more regulation because this topic is a very public place like Death and Taxes are expected. But it's not expected by participating in new business and likely to double and triple the cost of capital to start a business often puts the new owner is in financial difficulty to the initial cost of unexpected they are doomed from the start. 

Even if you believe in free trade that enables you to collect anything you can by people voting with their dollars for whatever you sell, and that with great privilege, which allows you to fail and lose All of your money. Which is a known quantity. But if we really setting people up to fail? And if so why? And if so why have small business loans certainty by taxpayers when in fact most of the loans going bad due to lack of knowledge and the rules? Here are some things we have to worry about when setting up a car wash, we also select California locations to show how ridiculous it really can get because most CA rules tended to work across the country and see themselves in the most exciting reality based Midwestern cities: During the Car Wash Industry Regulation (Industry threatened by control Bureaucracy) During the industrial regulation in Car Wash: Car Wash and government regulation is a sign that the car wash industry has fully matured. But also realize that most of the industry has its own set of ridiculous rules many institutions. It's really quite sickening if you think about it. 

There is nothing free about Free Enterprise in the market with non-reality-based rules, which continues to grow each year, up to an entire industry or sector of the market goes stagnant.Now fixed site Car Washes California is faced with OSHA, EPA, DOT, IRS, and stuff like Sara, RCRA, HazCom, VOC, MSDS. There are more than 100 different institutions car wash owners to tackle. Here are some of the necessary permissions required, Burglar Alarm Permit, Building and Construction permits, Work permits, conditional Use permit, permit Fire Protection, Hazardous Materials permits, permits treatment Generator, Underground storage tank permits, licenses accidental emission avoidance, above ground tank permits, land use permits, permits Storage Tanks, Underground tank monitoring plan, SB198 Safety Plan, Zoning Approval, Authorization Landscape licenses, permits noise, Industrial water discharge permits, Business Personal County property licenses, fictitious name filing, License Public Health, Weight and permitted if the size of the gas sold, cradle to grave forms all chemicals that are classified, waste management plans, hazardous Substances Certificate and Disclosure Plan, as well as other items such as corporate number, Tax ID Number, OSHA plans, I'm going to stop here, but they did not. You still think that these things based on the fact that some of the ways to help people? Not hard, because we as business owners have to keep climbing price and in the end it is the consumer who pays.

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