2011 Super Bowl: Packers Score, Take 7-0 Lead

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The Packers score first in Super Bowl XLV. Read on:

-P- Really nice play by Aaron Rodgers to avoid a sack and dump a pass to Brandon Jackson, who picks up a first down as the Packers enter Steelers territory with about five minutes left in the first half.

-P- Rodgers tosses a touchdown pass down the line to Jordy Nelson, who beats William Gay, who arguably also could have been called for pass interference on the play as all. The Packers take the lead, 7-0, and the Steelers will have to try to get something going on offense.

The Packers looked good on this drive, and they’re doing a nice job taking advantage of the few weak links (like Madison and Gay, although Gay’s coverage really wasn’t awful) in the Steelers’ defense.

-P- Can we stop having commercials about guys getting hit in the groin? Please?

-P Antonio Brown breaks another nice return, but it will be called back after an illegal block in the back.

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