Lunch Robot: Lil Wayne, Steven Tyler, Kim Kardashian

Lil Wayne releases Green and Yellow track, Steven Tyler’s apology airs and Kim Kardashian stuck in the middle of Halle Berry battle.

Steven Tyler’s apology aired last night on “American Idol” and it seems to be a bit ridiculous. Lil Wayne releases Green and Yellow track in honor of the Green Bay Packers’ trip to the Super Bowl. Kim Kardashian finds herself stuck in the middle of the Halle Berry – Gabriel Aubry custody battle. steven tyler american idol apology

Last night on the American Idol Austin, Texas auditions, FOX producers issued a special Steven Tyler apology. Evidently somebody didn’t like the F-Bomb that Tyler dropped last week so they decided to apologize for his “outrageous behavior.” Give me a break; you hired a rock star to be a judge not a catholic school boy. I am pretty sure Steven Tyler is single-handedly saving your ratings right now so you should all back off. Granted his comments to underage girls are a little creepy but the dude is pretty damn funny. Tune in tonight to watch the American Idol 2011 San Francisco auditions at 8|7c on FOX.

Rapper Lil Wayne has released the track Green and Yellow to promote his NFL team, the Green Bay Packers. Fellow hip hop artist, Wiz Khalifa has already released Black and Yellow which represents the Pittsburgh Steelers so it was only right that Weezy respond. While Khalifa’s track has become a huge hit, Weezy’s new remix is pretty damn funny. As we gear up for the 2011 Super Bowl XLV on Sunday (Steelers – Packers) we get to enjoy two rappers going at it off the field.

Last but not least are Kim Kardashian and her role in a bitter custody battle. If you remember a while back, Kim K was dating Gabriel Aubry for a short while. It turns out that Aubry’s ex, Halle Berry was not happy at all with their relationship. She claims it wasn’t Kim K she hated; it was the media attention she received. Halle did not want her daughter Nahla exposed to all the cameras when she was with her dad and Kim Kardashian. Nice move Halle Berry, play the “it was for my kids safety” card…just admit you were fuming with jealousy. Right now Halle and Gabriel are in a nasty custody battle for Nahla and Kim K’s name has just been brought up. Way to go Kim, maybe you should screen who you date a little better. steven tyler american idol apology

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