In 'Green and Yellow,' Lil Wayne declares, 'I'm a cheesehead' [Updated]

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With Super Bowl XLV hype heading toward its crescendo, Lil Wayne has put himself in the mix with "Green and Yellow," a track declaring his support for the Green Bay Packers with lyrics laid down over the music from Wiz Khalifa's "Black and Yellow," adopted by Pittsburgh Steelers fans.

Gotta say, we find it way beyond charming to hear Weezy declaring, "You know what it is, I'm a cheesehead. Y'all [are] Cheez Whiz."

Cheez Whiz!

We're guessing we won't be hearing "Green and Yellow" on national TV on Sunday -- too many bleepable moments -- but you can check it out for yourself on the New Orleans rapper's website, or listen to "Black and Yellow," depending on which team has your heart.

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