Real-life tales of the worst Valentine's Day gifts

So, you thought that half-wilted grocery-store-bought bouquet of flowers and generic card you got last year for Valentine’s Day was bad, huh? How about a diet cookbook, frozen microwaveable pizzas, a shower curtain, or an encyclopedia (remember those)? We asked Yahoo! Shine readers to tell us about their worst Valentine’s Day presents ever, and sad, funny tales of Valentine’s Day woe poured in.

Rather than reservations at a nice local restaurant, many told us about getting thoughtless break-up messages, while others realized as the day unfolded it was time to break up with their thoughtless guys. Amid the usual mix of last-minute bad-gift procurement, there was the unusual: Shine user RayRay’s box of frozen (microwaveable!) pizzas.
From the mixed-message guy. Shine user Jacquie got two gifts from her husband: a set of mixing bowls and a bathroom scale. Nice to be remembered, I think…”
Charlene remembered the Valentine’s Day she made her boyfriend a memory box and put all of his favorite candy in there among trinkets from their time together. “He gave me a fabric heart-shaped box of chocolates, but ate the chocolates and replaced them with rocks. The key to good gift-gifting is observation – noticing over time what’s important to your significant other, what catches his or her eye, can lead to the best gift ideas. Shine user autumn’s husband could use a little help from The Mentalist to hone his observation skills. “My husband gave me a white gold and diamond cross necklace. Something-for-him gifts. The many stories of silly lingerie fit nicely into this category. The year Shine user e.a.b. lost her job, she still bought her then-boyfriend of one year a digital camera to replace the one he had broken. Basically, he bought a gift for himself!”

From the heartless guy. “My worst Valentine’s Day gift? My ex-boyfriend of about a year and a half told me that he still had feelings for his ex-girlfriend,” recalls Shine user Jill.

Jessica’s ex-fiance thought it a smooth move to steal a pink-and-black stuffed dog from his younger sister. What should have been a romantic, snowy Valentine’s Day in 2007 sounded a wake-up call for StephanieM. No card. A new twist on eternal love. A diamond is forever? Pshaw. “Nothing says forever like adjoining cemetery plots,” writes Melanie. “A Valentine’s Day gift from my husband during our third year together.” Right for Valentine's Day

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