Teresa Palmer: Meet Zac Efron's new lady friend

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Prepare for heartbreak, Zanessa fans: Zac Efron has reportedly stepped out with a new woman.

Fresh off his split from longtime girlfriend Vanessa Hudgens, The 23-year-old accompanied Teresa Palmer, 24, to a screening of her new movie "Take Me Home Tonight" on Thursday, Feb. 3. A source tells People, "There was definitely some hand-holding" at the screening's after-party. "The two ate together and seemed really engaged in conversation. They seemed really into each other."

After the screening, Efron and Palmer went to Voyeur nightclub where a source says, "Zac chatted with Teresa for a while. There was no overt PDA, but he was not shy about giving her leg the occasional touch."

So who is Teresa Palmer? She's an Australian-born actress who has been in films such as "The Grudge 2," "Bedtime Stories" and "The Sorcerer's Apprentice." She can be seen in "I Am Number Four" with Alex Pettyfer on Feb. 18 and is set to star in "Mad Max: Fury Road." She has previously dated Topher Grace, Adam Brody and Russell Brand. Clearly, she has no set type.

It seems like this Zanessa split may be the real thing. At least we'll always have "High School Musical."

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