'American Idol' Steven Tyler apology: Nigel Lythgoe laments 'lack of humor' over Fox show joke

The "American Idol" apology for Steven Tyler Wednesday night left fans asking if it was a joke or not, which made the producer of the show laugh more than the mock mea culpa. steven tyler american idol apology

Fox issued the apology for the judge’s "outrageous behavior” before the Austin, Tex., auditions kicked off.

Then a scene from last week was shown in which Tyler made fun of a contestant named Jack Muck, whose name, Tyler joked, rhymed with an expletive -- not "Duck" as the kid suggested.
"Hey you guys, don't take things too seriously, especially my shows. Smile or 'Go **** a duck' "

Host Ryan Seacrest teased the “outrageous” apology on his radio show, his Twitter account and his website on Wednesday, causing critics to suggest it was simply a ploy to get the show’s numbers up.

Seacrest mentioned the apology as early as Tuesday on his Twitter account.

"At the idol working on the LA episode that you will see thursday," he tweeted. "Tomorrow is austin. Make sure u watch the producers apology at the top :)"

Tyler has been the cause of much controversy, most notably for flirting with a 16-year-old contestant named Victoria Huggins.
According to Billboard.com, "I don't Want to Miss a Thing" entered the Billboard digital charts for the first time at No. 54 after he sang an impromptu duet with contestant Lauren Alaina last month. steven tyler american idol apology

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