Marvel airs first official Captain America trailer during Super Bowl XLV Continue reading on Examiner.com: Marvel airs first official Captain America

Marvel Comics has chosen Super Bowl XLV unveiled the first TV spot for the upcoming "Captain America" movie. The movie, titled "Captain America: The First Avenger," is scheduled for a July 22 release.

The video shows the transformation of Steve Rogers, a scrawny soldier-wanna-be (although not as scrawny as he should be, based on Marvel Comics rendition of the original Steve Rogers). In the books Steve Rogers was given the "Super Soldier Serum," which turn him into the world's most perfect fighting machine.

Also in the comics, he was given his iconic shield (althogh at first he was given a somewhat klutzy looking shield, later replaced by the disc-shaped one). Cap uses the shield both as protection and as a weapon, throwing it in crazy ways that seem impossible, yet having the shield return to him like a boomerang.

The shield itself is indestructible, created by a lab accident that cannot be duplicated. The alloy is even more indestructible than the adamantium that is used in Wolverine's claws.

For us, we are not happy with Cap's costume. The wings on his facemask are supposed to be real wings, not painted on. It's also not a helmet, as it appears to be in the movie, and is actually connected to his tunic to add protection for his neck.

In comics, Cap is frozen in ice only to be thawed out by the Avengers in modern times. Meanwhile, Bucky Barnes (or just plain Bucky), is killed in the same incident that ends with Cap being frozen.

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