The tone became threatening weather channel because the storm is imminent in Sandy

New York - The Weather Channel has a third day in a row on guard all day to come superstorm, and the tone of their tellers to be building more fun on Sunday there was evidence that their predictions have come true. Network to broadcast live coverage of TV online for people in the eastern United States lost the power to keep up with the news on their mobile devices. The storm is expected to affect nearly 50 million people. "We want them to know that we are exaggerating this storm, okay?" In the air meteorologist Vivian Brown. "We did not do that when the channel, because we want to alert and conscious." Network television news more sand storms laced with stories like the presidential campaign. In New York, the local CBS outlet publishes a split screen with the Governor of New Jersey. Chris Christie gives hurricane conference Sunday afternoon and the New York Jets play against the Miami Dolphins. But Hurricane sand, mixed with other weather systems to create a storm of unprecedented power in the region, attracting the attention of Weather Channel Forecasts. Network Julie Martin, parked on a beach in Kill Devil Hills, North Carolina, seems to be tired of the wind and rain storm as resistance describes a series of live reports. Meteorologist Jim Cantore, the most visible figures of the chain, said that it is like nothing ever seen or met him. I had to take a short break from their reports live from Battery Park City in New York to move their assets because their hotel was evacuated, the evacuation zone are also apartments publication. Bryan Norcross, hurricane specialist core network, said in an interview that the network is trying to keep the tone serious but urgent. Computer network model is consistent with their prediction that the storm and did as planned, it could be difficult. "Our goal is to get people to appreciate the magnitude of the storm and try to show them, based on what we know, it will be a system of their experience," said Norcross. The Weather Channel has sent a message via Twitter that he called "an incredible storm, a very serious threat" and urged his followers to re-tweet. Storm "occupies a place in the annals of history as one of the most remarkable that affect the United States," writes network. Quick, Business Insider Twitter: "Whoa. The Weather Channel meteorologists predict quite nervous. ' Full message of concern for the people in the street, and some rare twitter. Comic Ricky Gervais jokes lewd suggestions, while media mogul Rupert Murdoch tweeted: ". Feels weird, but kids are preparing to celebrate the school is not " ABC News published a news blog related to the storm, while another Twitter message contains a link to a live webcam where computer users can keep track of the storm. Cosmopolitan Magazine Twitter council "how to cut your bangs at home (because if you're going to be house-bound for Sandy, why not?) '. "Sesame Street" offers a set of tools to help children understand what is going storm. Choosing the Weather Channel, there are also people who see a business opportunity. There are companies that make announcements electric generator to keep the home when the power cord. Partly to emphasize the seriousness of the situation, the Weather Channel refrain from using "Frankenstorm" nickname coined by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration last week when hurricane computer models predicted.

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