MTA buses to run again after the hurricane hit NYC Sandy

Governor Cuomo said he expects regular bus service will resume on Wednesday. Passengers can travel for free on Tuesday and Wednesday, while they are "fighting for his life in motion." Cuomo and MTA Chairman said that the energy to try to restore part of the metro and bus network of complementary services - but said recovery services through an underground tunnel under the East River is now flooded, is a daunting task proportions. "Damage to the track tunnel, underwater, unlike other city has seen in decades, if ever," said Cuomo. MTA bridge to open at noon. Hugh Carey Tunnel and the Holland Tunnel to the Port Authority was flooded and closed. Officials did not say when the commuter rail is back online. Metro-North to helplessness - and 40-foot boat stranded on the tracks in Ossining. "Sandy engulfing our entire transportation system in each district and each individual city in the MTA district," said Lhota. Water in lower Manhattan station on the roof, Lhota said. Moved by subway and MTA bus to protected areas without bus or train car was injured, said Lhota.

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