3.7 million without power, court records in New Jersey, Pennsylvania

Hurricane Sandy "Frankenstorm" in terms of lack of energy, leaving more than 2.5 million homes and businesses in New Jersey in the dark during the day, and another 1.2 million in Pennsylvania. And that does not include 3.7 million restoration of power with many others, including more than 260,000 PECO customers in southeastern Pennsylvania. PECO at all easily overcome the onslaught of an ice storm in 1994, and Hurricane Irene Isabel in 2003 and last year. In the afternoon, 550,000 PECO customers in the dark, the rejection of 35,000 since dawn. But even with a thousand staff out of state - far from Kentucky and Tennessee - Peco twice the size of the labor force in the field, a full recovery can not happen by Election Day. "We think that the work would take up to a week," said PECO spokeswoman Liz Williamson. More than 800,000 customers lost power at some point PECO during the storm, breaking the record of 520,000 ice storm. "It's definitely historic record for us," said Williamson. Across the Delaware River in South Jersey, the deficiency was more surprising. Earlier this afternoon, PSE & G will increase the record 1.4 million customers offline, to 200,000 from 7 am, when the number of accompanying 63,000 and 23,000 in Burlington County, Camden County. Territory Utilities is a band that extends from the small portion of Gloucester County, in the far north. The work is much more complicated than deforestation, repairing poles and stringing wire. "The wall of water created by the storm surge that flooded a large number of substations along the Passaic, Raritan and Hudson" in North Jersey, according to a news release from the company. "... PSE & G is the creation of a service station and wait for the waters recede before we can assess the damage, the equipment dry and replace equipment as needed and re-energize the system to restore service. It is a slow and laborious process. ' Jersey Central Power & Light service also destroyed by Sandy, with 965,000 homes and businesses - about 90 percent of the 1.09 million customers - touched off the net by storm. That number is half of the day on more than 20,000 since morning. Not surprisingly, the counties most affected by the sea coast (206 000) and Monmouth (245,000), according to the web site utilities. Atlantic City Electric, which serves most of southern New Jersey - Gloucester County from Long Beach Island - Reports 181,000 deficit this afternoon. This is slightly lower than in the morning, but it's actually in the two districts, the Atlantic, with about 81,000 customers, and the sea with 59,000. In fact, many of South Jersey has acquired a strange sensation on with a wide swath of the city was dark. The streets are full of fallen trees, branches and utility lines. Many roads were closed. Street light at the intersection of the range. In southeastern Pennsylvania, Bucks Most missing and Montgomery County. Late in Bucks, 190,000 without electricity, 170,000 in Montgomery County, 65,000 in Delaware County, Chester County and 60,000 to 65,000 in Philadelphia. Pennsylvania a total of over 1.2 million, and the Lehigh County Northampton has a deficit of more than 100,000 each. Afternoon, PPL Electric 384 000 28 districts reported deficit, an increase of about 17,000 from about 8 Sore total including 22,000 in Bucks County, 10,000 in Montgomery, 117,000 in Lehigh County, Northampton, 60,000 and 45,000 in Monroe. Energy companies, including the first Met Ed, had 224,000 customers without power statewide, the rejection of nearly 40,000 from a few hours earlier. Berks Countdown to 55,000 from 67,000. Northampton County has 57,000 outside, other 6000 dollars. Delmarva Power & Light reported a deficit of 44,000 in Delaware and eastern Maryland, also below about 77,000 this morning. In addition to the decrease in northern Delaware County, New Castle County, which may fall to about 15,000, from 40,000 before 14 this morning. After the restoration of electrical substations and essential services such as hospitals, utilities comply with the largest deficit in the first, Williamson said. This means that the number is likely to decrease significantly in the coming days, a surprising number of small jobs take longer to complete. For example, 44,000 customers will leave Delmarva Power represents more than 1,200 separate issue - an average of about 40 homes or businesses in any repair work. While sister Atlantic City Electric utilities have an average of 90 clients for outstanding work in 2100. To report outages locally around Philadelphia Peco, or there is a problem with the cable fell, call 1-800-841-4141. Always be a live wire or equipment, and further suggested

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