'Little things', starting Address melt hearts

Prepare to fainting, directioners. Person One Way just released their new ballad, "Little Things", from the November 13 release of the album, Take Me Home. And slow jams sound will do, well, the little things that have come down to a special girl. Written by Ed Sheeran (who also worked with children from their debut album, Up All Night), the track is a melodic, slow sweet, as people jet at a special girl with a line like: "The Five suitable for me / As was made just for me / But keep in mind it / It was meant to be. ' These people will have in mind that no matter how much he does not want his little deficiencies and habits, the bit about him became unbearable. "I do not let a small problem my mouth / But if I do / It is you (oh you) / add / I love you / And all the little things."; The song is one of two Sheeran contributed to the release of the next ones, Take Me Home. "It has been written about the best things about a person, such as the things that you can not wait," said MTV News last month. "You're going to listen. I can not say much for their album. I want them in the first announcement and stuff. ' The second song Take Me Home, track increasing A video was shot for the single "Live while you're young.", But not yet confirmed for U.S. launch. Currently, there are statement-English only.

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