Sandy Superstorm cut power to 8.1 million homes

Around a quarter of households in the City of New York and businesses without power 15 hours after the storm made landfall accompanied sand wave (4.2 meters) of almost 14 feet of tide that flooded the underground voids and tunnels road.

Con Edison of New York warned parts will be without power for over a week. Mayor Michael Bloomberg said at a news conference meters is likely to continue to serve for four or five days.

Lack of energy suppliers have been reported in every state of North Carolina to the Canadian border and inland to Ohio and Indiana. New Jersey was the hardest hit with 62 percent of clients suffering deficiency. Seven nation's fifth or more of all customers without electricity.

11:00 EDT (1500 GMT), a total deficit of U.S. is above 8.1 million by the Department of Energy, and the peak of 8.4 million closer to see during Hurricane Irene last year.

Include the number of homes and businesses, which means that the number of people affected is much higher.

"It was the biggest outage caused by the storm in our history," said John Miksad, Con Edison's vice president for electric operations.

An explosion at a substation in the East River in Manhattan on Monday night contributed to a power outage, and may complicate efforts to restore power. Much of the island under 39 Street - south of Times Square - without electricity.

Con Edison has told customers via Twitter that the worst affected areas could face more than a week without power. A total of 787,000 homes and businesses were without power in New York and Westchester as a whole, from 3 million subscribers in Con Edison.

New Jersey crash

In New Jersey, 62 percent of households were without electricity, according to the Energy Department. New Jersey utility Public Service Electric and Gas (PSE & G), said in a tweet that it was "the biggest storm in the history of PSE & G." The company is asking customers to be patient " , unprecedented "flood threatens to leave home without electricity for days.

Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, New Hampshire, West Virginia, New York, New Jersey and Connecticut all statewide shortage affects 20 percent or more of the clients, according to the DOE.

One estimate of the company could eventually predict economic losses 20000000000 dollars nationally, only half of insured.

State ownership of the Long Island Power Authority (LIPA) is one of the hardest hit public services, with 85 percent of the 1.1 million customers without power in New York. He said it could take up to seven to 10 days to restore power to all customers.

Connecticut Light and Power site says that 38 percent of its customers were without electricity.

Electricity providers stressed that customers should stay away from downed power lines. A New York woman died after stepping on a puddle of electricity.

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