Gisele Bundchen gives Patriot wives more reason to hate her

Dissing G Isele anger Bundchen married Tom Brady New England Patriots teammates - when he left the Super Bowl on Sunday night - has launched a long-standing negative feelings about the supermodel.

"My wife and members of the Patriots organization has given me another player Monday Bundchen barrage of comments went viral.

Reportedly generate the New York Giants fan, who made a statement mocking Bundchen in the way of Lucas Oil Stadium, the beauty of Brazil said: "My wife is not f ------ ball throw and trap the ball at the same time. I can not believe they dropped the ball many times. "

A veteran team of staff, said: "Gisele is probably right, but had to leave the sports section and the other quarterbacks Monday morning. . . . He was liked by many players and their wives because of their arrogant attitude. . . . Of course not improve the situation. "

The evidence comes from the wife of a teammate Brady, who told me Monday, "Gisele has some friends with the wives. Of course, a lot of jealous looks and all that, but it's easy to like. Because obviously, you feel so superior to us all "

† Another source - about many patriotic wives "- I said," is Gisele. . . So arrogant and treat everyone as idiots. . . . In many cases, the wives of others are not so sophisticated, but Gisele is openly nose for some of them - that cracks on the dress and wear make-over. Things like that. "

† In fact, when he learned of Brady broke her husband, her anger - to realize how stupid comments that interacts with other patriots.

Family thing: The funeral of singer Leslie Carter was a small ceremony. Even his older brother Nick Carter does not exist, but only because he did not know. Nick told TMZ: "I want to be at the funeral of my brother, but my family will always have a complex dynamic."

While Aaron Carter comes to unhappy events, Nick - on the path - must be kept in the dark because some family members did not want him there.

Leslie Carter died last week because of a suspected overdose of prescription drugs, the diagnosis is still awaiting results of toxicology tests.

Face the facts: Although Kim Kardashian boasts a deep commitment to charity, some people are having fun that the TV star in Hollywood has always appeared in full makeup and hair neatly combed. That was when I was working at the soup kitchen in Los Angeles (which was rarely more than an hour to an hour) or during travel assistance to Haiti.

† In addition, there are reports of charity site eBay that sells designer clothing Kardashian represented only 10 percent for profit, with the remaining funds would be him.

Go here: Former Polish president and Nobel Prize winner Lech Walesa of Peace will be in town on Thursday to be honored at the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library Foundation "Lincoln Leadership Award" in the enjoyment of the fourth season - Robert also attended Kupiecki, Polish ambassador the United States, and the consul general of Poland in Chicago, Zygmunt Matynia.

Previous winners of the award include Archbishop Desmond Tutu, the retired Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O'Connor, astronaut Jim Lovell and the late Tim Russert speaker.

TV talk: Chicago native and graduate of San Ignacio ndre Braugher was chosen to lead the pilot of "Last Resort" to the military before Shawn Ryan Rockford futuristic drama. If the last series of Ryan in Chicago, made the "Code of Chicago," The U.S. Navy theme is not filmed here.

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