Tim Tebow throws his attention to Maria Menounos

Patriots and Giants will be the main attractions in the Super Bowl XLVI, but Tim Tebow getting its fair share of attention this week - starting with the introduction to "Extra", Maria Menounos beam.

The Broncos quarterback, known for his Christian faith and the squeaky-clean reputation, reportedly delighted with the entertainment sexy TV reporter, who heard from a friend at ESPN Friday game, "Wow! It is not only beautiful, she is very sweet too "They seem very comfortable at that time a little celebration ...

No word on whether something is going to build here, but Tebow and Menounos must cross the road (intentionally?) In some other Super Bowl bashes this weekend, before the big game.

† Speaking of Tebow, Denver star has lots of fun on Saturday night with Alec Baldwin, how to fix the "Tebowing" kneeling on the "honor NFL" on NBC. Exactly, Baldwin Tebow thanked "God bless you."

† as "NFL awards" new single Katy Perry gives Shoutout Tebow, saying, "Tim, my parents say hello", reminding everyone how the two parents shared a deep religious faith. The mother of the singer and his father was a minister with the possibility to prefer that their children may marry a guy like Tebow - missionary children - not that outrageous Russell Brand, who is now divorced.

Real rumors: According to sources in London, apparently with new stories of romance between Pippa Middleton and Lord George Percy, a former girlfriend. Prince William, the brother-in-law - who split last year with his friend, the banker and former cricketer Alex Louden - insisted that he and Percy just good friends. However, who should know insists Pippa is too ambitious love to catch the title similar to his sister, Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge.

Percy inherited the title of his father, the Duke of Northumberland - along with a fortune estimated at $ 500 million.

MORE Romance: There are rumors that the relationship between Ryan Seacrest and Julianne Hough can easily lead to a series of "American Idol" and reality TV kingpin propose that the actor and former "Dancing with the Stars" regular .

NAME IT: Fans of the end of Bernie Mac will be happy to know the city is to honor the memory of the story on the "road of Bernie Mac", the naming block Englewood West 69th Street, where raised. The opening ceremony signaling - happy Black History Month period - begins at 10 am Feb. 28.

LOCAL light: "American Idol" fans in Chicago are likely to campaign for participants in our region to qualify for the success "of Hollywood on Sunday" - Kelsey Montanez, Kyle "Kyle Dee" Robyn Driscoll and Christine Skinner.

In 2007, Driscoll said Sun-Times about punk band You frantic meetings the group to a party the day of eighth grade: "We knew it was something very special out of the blue."

Specific time: A name long associated with traditional Italian food is restored in the Near North Side. Tomaska ​​Joseph, great grandson of the late Pope of Milan restaurant entrepreneur, has launched Mama Pizza Bar Milano at 1419 N. Wells. More recently, the great grandson of Tony and Joseph Milano Tomaska ​​is a manufacturer of long duration of "Tony 'n' Tina 'Marriage".

The † speak Italian food, be sure to check in at Hotel Radisson Blu Filini new Aqua Tower is recognized Columbus Drive - the popular Chicago restaurant professionals Kathy Hanley was kept on as manager of the bar Filini.

Seen in the scene: John Cusack changed the head when he slipped in the canteen on Friday night 46. Patrick Kane ... The scene at the end of the Vertigo Sky lounge on Saturday night. Eric Benet ... will be on hand to listen to private parties Hard Rock Hotel and Capitol Records are stored in the Angels & Kings album Benet for "The One", due in May. ... The Bulls Kyle Korver, as well as ex-White Soxers Joe Crede and Cliff Politte Chicago press Cut Steak - with cheering fans when he left Crede.

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