Kim Kardashian Cheated on Ray J Too?

Kim Kardashian is facing another lawsuit to further tarnish their good name of her ex Ray J Kim recently revealed that she betrayed him, while promoting his new book Death deceived him: What every woman should know about him is scarce.

In an interview with The Insider, Ray does not really say that Kim is a woman who had an affair - ". KK "On the contrary, referring to the former spouse is probably an attempt to avoid clashes in the Kardashian family, and it is certainly interesting to see if Kim complained about it - is a young woman to sue Old Navy ad featuring a woman who seems small, after all.

Kris Humphries smiled Ray J Kim Kardashian trying to bring down a few notches, because it seems you can not share what it's really like it (or at least sit down for a tell-all interview for the moment). So maybe you show your appreciation to Ray's last revelation to buy yourself a copy of the death of the man a trick: What every woman should know about the man who dispersed in time for Valentine's Day.

According to Global Grind, this is what Ray J has to say about his relationship with KK: "As for sex, it's intense on the relationship of families, this is a walk in the mountains near the shore of life and fun and emotional infidelity and lies. ... from both ends. that the same people, we have the same life, that both lie, deceive us together. that the same people just different ways. "

He said he knew that Kim Kardashian had sex with other people and I know I did the same thing. Therefore, it is difficult to know exactly what is considered cheating - as it seems to have "friends with benefits" thing happening not a real relationship.

Amber Rose Kim was recently charged with Reggie Bush misled by Kanye West, so the reality show star appears to have little problem with being honest. Maybe it just looks like her mother - Kris Jenner Kim admitted cheating on his father with another man in his memoirs.

Kim Kardashian pictures began to recover slightly after fans angry at the end of her marriage to Kris Humphries after 72 days, but he can not escape from the scandal and controversy. Partner Ray J sex tape is not like when you go dredging (Joel McHale seems to have trouble making a reference to a sex tape in the soup), so it is difficult to imagine what is now angry.

So you think that the sweet little Kimmy is actually a serial liar, or Ray J trying to create drama to sell books?

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