Comparing Josh Hamilton’s Response to Brian Cashman’s

Although the primary focus of this site is the game of baseball, there are problems that occur in areas that are part of the conversation. Yesterday, the two issues expressed by the Yankees Brian Cashman and Texas Rangers outfielder Josh Hamilton.

Back in September, Deadspin reported the story of Brian Cashman, had a problem with an unnamed woman. At that time, I mentioned that there are other means of communication as well as Deadspin posted this story. When doing research, I was told one of the major news outlets in this city voted to continue the story for fear that the impact of the Yankees. Deadspin no such concerns because it does not require access to the clubhouse (the Yankees are not going to give anyway) to do their business.

I think the story is "dying" as the brand power of the Yankees is a way to make my surprise, turned, and details of events that are out there for all to see "things." Mail voice, text messages and letters of recommendation. Worse, Deadspin has promised to report some "Pillow Talk" Cashman is a woman.

You can make arguments that Deadspin over the limit. Personally, I stay away from the stories involve the family. One thing to criticize someone for the work they did with regard to baseball, it's another when reporting information that could affect the lives of people said that his wife and children. This is what Deadspin is not, and if you agree it's a whole different debate. I had an opinion sites, and now the story is public, it is my duty to comment. This is especially true when I saw the online media and league / team started with Blur.

Mass media response was interesting. At 5:45 pm on Thursday, February 2, women in the history of Deadspin arrested and charged with burglary, attempted grand theft, stalking and aggravated harassment.

If you do not read Deadspin, the narrative is a framework for the mainstream public is that "a woman was arrested for stalking of Brian Cashman." No other event, but the general theme is that Cashman is the victim . Of course, the needs of women who just happen after Thursday, February 2 Deadspin story ran. This is not news, is in having Deadspin for months. Cashman has a relationship with a woman reported to have taken place since April last year. Clarin teased the story in September 2011.

Deadspin same day the story ran Cashman, ESPN reported that Hamilton had a relapse of alcoholism earlier this week. This is not the first time this has happened, as Hamilton crash behind her addiction in 2009. Importantly, Hamilton failed a drug test after the event.

The response of the family against the Rangers and Hamilton Cashman and the Yankees. Hamilton reported the incident to the team, his wife, Katie, posted several messages on his Twitter account to thank everyone for their support.

Earlier this afternoon, Hamilton held a press conference to apologize for the team, fans, and family. Even the demons, Hamilton did not hide from the public. So, the Rangers have not attempted to destroy the lives of the people involved in this incident. I'm not sure ESPN has denied access to this report, either.

A week ago, I wrote in the control of the means of Sports "tweet" that led to the Cleveland Plain Dealer reporter Tony Grossi retired defeating the Cleveland Browns. "He was a pathetic figure, the most relevant billionaires in the world," tweeted Grossi on Browns owner Randy Lerner of. Tweet then removed, but not before they make the rounds. Although the trial Grossi difficult, do not see why the expression should have a male outside the team reported. Then I remembered how there is a conflict of interest as a partner in the league with its own network of news agencies to use the journalists who are paid to cover the league said that objectivity. It's called "follow the money trail" as a strength and dollars have a way of strangling journalism. That's why it is not surprising that the Plain Dealer reports Cleveland appears to meet before its decision Grossi.

Two stories, two different answers. What's more interesting is how different narratives between Clarin and traditional outlets. Remember, the main output is the same in collaboration with the Yankees and Major League Baseball.

You'd be surprised if ESPN gave Hamilton spoon from falling into the wrong hands (read Clarin again), and get ahead of the story. Once again, the League partnered with the leading news outlets.

In the end, Hamilton's story is much more serious than Cashman. Josh is battling some personal problems that threaten not only end his career, but would take her life. I doubt that Cashman "stalking" because apparently willing to spend time with her since April. If such a big deal, why costs Deadspin press hours after the story ran? If you made months ago? It seems suspicious to me. The program also provides other as they do not want to talk more birdies.

Two off-field incidents, two different ways to handle the consequences.

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