IRS delays refunds for early tax filers

The bad news is reaching out to consumers who filed 1040 tax returns early. They will wait, maybe a week or longer than expected to get a refund.

John Hewitt, CEO and founder of Liberty Tax Service, based in Virginia Beach, Va.., Said that taxpayers who file at any time from the first day of the season Jan. 17 in tax by January 24 to face more problems.

And yes, the tax preparers who heard numerous complaints about delays in getting a refund.

The IRS said the IRS tax professional with a warning Thursday night that the delay of a week for a replacement system refers to tuning the IRS to adjust the new protections put in place this tax season to provide high protection against return fraud.

"As part of this, some taxpayers will receive refunds of about one week after the initial projections may have received, but they are still in line with the delivery time of return of history," says the IRS.

Warranties in relation to concerns about online fraud and offenders receive a refund to steal Social Security numbers, creating a false statement, electronic filing in 1040 at the start of the season and secure a tax refund.

"The IRS will provide additional screening for fraud this year before issuing refunds, but most taxpayers can still continue to wait to get a refund in a timely manner," said IRS.

But taxpayers do not expect delays and inconvenience.

Many of the early season, because they need the tax refund to pay bills - so some families may experience more difficulties than others, even with one additional day of delay.

"In general, these refunds may take a week or 10 days," said Hewitt. However, Hewitt said that refunds may take up to 14 days - if the statement was made between January 17 and January 24.

H & R Block said its customers that the IRS is using new technology this year, which will cause the IRS to have more time to verify back to the beginning of time.

If you look at the delays, tax experts that you know them - the IRS.

Hewitt said he understood that refunds are expected to return to a more normal pattern for taxpayers to file now or later.

With the opening of the 2012 tax season, IRS encourages taxpayers to file electronically and choose direct deposit their refunds can be found in just 10 days and 90% refund will be given within 21 days.

Some taxpayers receive a refund more quickly, says the IRS, but when the taxpayers expecting refunds are given as shown in the original rules of the IRS.

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