Perry Farrell talks Joe Namath, halftime show

Perry Farrell is one of the most remarkable rock, theater actors.

On February 22, the attachment band Jane has started "The theater of escapist" tour, the first foray into the band to support the album ("The Great Escape Artist", was released in October) since 2003. Farrell described as "theater immersion", says the program will cover the entire theater every stop on the tour.

"It's a little different than going to a rock concert on average. Society is in series from time to time, "he said. "We are using around the building instead of the stage. We use the lobby and backstage. "

Farrell where to get your talent for the dramatic?

"My role model is Joe Namath," said Farrell, who was born in Queens and raised on Long Island, as a fan jet. "When I was a kid, I used to laugh at the audacity of Joe Namath had. He was running around in raccoon-skin coat. His Bachelors III nightclub. It is like a womanizer, you know? He took the woman into account. "

It may sound strange coming from a rock star of the counterculture, the person who started the Lollapalooza tour. But Farrell, it all makes sense.

"I love him, man. Athletes will then be the sexy. They have a big beard and hair, "he said. "When he faced Johnny Unitas at the top of the flat, you know ... I thought it was a long time. "

Now, after living in California for many years, he is a huge Lakers fan, but his team in the NFL, he took the Giants of his people, he beat the jet over the years. Jane dependence rolling stones are playing a Super Bowl party on Sunday, which Farrell said is unusual.

"Why do you think was the concert?" He said. "I want to go to the Super Bowl. I will bring my children. I'll try to get on the ground, man. I love the field and take my kids [Hezron, 9, and Izzadore, 7]. "

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