Dolphins saw best, worst of Ricky Williams

Miami - How Ricky Williams is remembered in South Florida?

Is Miami Dolphins former corridor will be remembered for three seasons of 1,000 yards, including an amazing 1853 Yards rushing in 2002? O Williams is remembered for his failed drug test, a sudden retirement / return, and will always be hesitant to play soccer?

The dolphin looks the best and worst of Williams during his tenure to eight years in Miami. It is a rollercoaster, and most of the years he spent with three NFL teams.

Williams in his prime a great runner. Williams finished with 10.009 Yards rushing in a career that essentially answered by three full-time in 2004, 2006 and 2007. The figures are not likely even greater Williams has always maintained a focus on football.

But do not focus and football add up to Williams, and it is the part that rubbed many dolphin fans the wrong way. Miami has invested in Williams - the dolphin which he changed in 2002 - but football is not something that I really loved. Williams is too easy to walk. He was more interested in other things.

After retirement and drug suspension, Williams was never the same player, after returning in 2008. He has a one year revival in 2009, rushing for 1.121 yards, because the team did not know the Wildcat offense Miami innovative. But Williams has never rushed for more than 673 meters in the rest of his career before retiring this season the Baltimore Ravens.

Williams was a wise and intelligent and have done very well in the next phase of his life. However, the phase of NFL football through a cloudy lens, especially in Miami.

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