Slab City: Are we still having an American Dream?

Many of us can not recognize the city stub. The city is not as popular as other cities like New York, but the city deserves a lot of attention out. People living in cities may have similar stories. They come from middle-class people in education and have a good job to meet your needs. However, the economic crisis, the American dream suddenly collapsed because they could pay the mortgage, insurance and even your own food. As an ironic story is often found at Slab City community.

Nugget City, County Poor

We do not have to think of Slab City, and other cities in our country, because, actually, oddly enough called this place as a city because it is really a desert in California. We can find locations while driving about 190 miles southeast of Los Angeles or an hour from the border with Mexico. City name is taken from the plate and the concrete pillars of the hut to the left and abandoned World War II. This area remains a mid-80s. Slab city is now used by people who live from paycheck to the government.

Provisions of the City cut

Slab city is a city without rules, and drinking water facilities. Do not expect to get power, because they find them unless we use a solar panel or generator. This area is not under control and are frequented by people who live in caravans. This area is known as a colorful hill called Salvation Mountain created by Leonard Knight. The city is undoubtedly the dark side of U.S. plates should be enlightened.

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