The boldest play you'll see on NBC this year may not have happened during the Super Bowl.

Tonight, the fourth largest in the network hopes to launch the season against the most watched network CBS, which is strongest in its Monday night. The success or failure of the "Voice" and "success" is likely again to decide whether Bob Greenblatt is the first full season as president of NBC Entertainment has finally deemed a success or failure.

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"Voice" is a surprise hit NBC past midseason. In hopes of making a big push for a second season, NBC has given his magical debut after the Super Bowl.

I hope the show, which airs from 8 to 10 on Monday night, providing an ideal lead-in to a new "Smash" music, a drama that comes into the range of 10 which led to the characterization of a nuisance to cancel "Playboy Club" and " ; Rock Center ", said earlier this season.

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This is a big risk. CBS Monday comedy lineup of 10.08, including "Two and a Half Men" and new hit ", two young women out of order" has the most bullets during this period. Sometimes even beat a new episode of the program network with other replacement.

NBC adds to the challenge, this Monday is the full length of the ABC hit "The Bachelor" and "House," Fox, and the new "Alcatraz" which earned respectable ratings since the premiere in January.

CBS's "Hawaii 5-0" to 10 have received good grades, but give a little audience to the driving situation comedy. NBC hopes "Voice" distance can attract your audience - or at least get interested in the art of the island.

"Smash", the star players, including Debra Messing, Anjelica Huston and Katharine McPhee - it seems that the new NBC show closer to the heart of Greenblatt. Steven Spielberg to bring the production of Showtime when he joined NBC in January. And network aggressively promote it, hoping it was the second shot clock starts Greenblatt. ("Voice", the first is the construction before he took over.)

The network also offers courses online and on demand before the premiere.

In addition to high risk for "falling" is certainly not the history of music - especially music and drama. Failure "Cop Rock" ABC's shameful fear of music, through a series of hit movies that make them appear again, worth the risk. Fox is a huge success in the 2009 debut of "fun", although the rating it has entered into the third period.

No one has done more films for television at this time again the musical "Chicago" 2003 Oscar winner for best film. Not coincidentally, the "fall" has a production team behind "Chicago," The Craig Zadan and Neil. The production team is only one element of the "fall" that NBC is not left to chance.

While the ratings will not be until Monday morning, most notably "The Voice" after the Super Bowl have a strong shot to become the inaugural season, the highest value. This is to address the inaugural reconstructed "Two Half Men", which attracted 28 million viewers want to see how Ashton Kutcher Charlie Sheen fill the shoes.

Down-to-cable Finish Super Bowl Sunday between the New York Giants and New England Patriots have a strong chance of beating the previous record of 111 million viewers. (Play that beat last year's record for most watched television program in America.) That's good news for the "Voice".

But they show also joined the new musical landscape for a tight contest. Fox's "X Factor", which came in the fall, can take the "American Idol" rating fell slightly in the current series, the eleventh time since the show returned last month.

In a conference call with reporters last month, the word "American Idol" judge Randy Jackson that the entire market is going.

"I think the difference in performances of songs are definitely a little tight right now. They have every year now, 'Voice' and 'X Factor' and there are even singing 'talent'. So you have a lot of songs. So that's what happens when the market is charging. You know what I mean? "

As risky as on NBC to air two great hopes on Monday, the network may not be the best option for distributing on Tuesday 8 is set to "vote" against "fun" Even Fox announced last week that "fun" will be seven weeks, from March 6. Broadcast of "voice" on Wednesday or Thursday at 8 has been placed against "Idol."

Jackson, the judge continued the longest serving musical performances provide eleven times in a row on "American Idol" last week sounded great when he says that there is room for all the music shows. He predicted "big numbers" from "The Voice" after the Super Bowl.

"Hey, I've got a great show and I think the space for all the people out there," he said. "Look."

But NBC needs more than "The Voice" in development - to the success of the "fall" as well.

NBC has at least one card that is different to play this season - which has announced a March 1 debut last week to "wake up", an ambitious new drama about a person that the events are divided into two after a car accident. In fact, survived her husband and children died. Other life of his son and his wife died.

The format may feel tingling or loss of bad luck - but NBC tried to explain this set of ads after the Super Bowl on Sunday.

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