Cam Newton made a bad game worse

I give credit to Cam Newton. He makes me look at the Pro Bowl. As long as I love the NFL, I never watch the Pro Bowl. Baseball and basketball stars throughout the game interesting. Football is rarely worth seeing.

But I want to know about Cam, from what I've seen most of the second half. Now - two, I think. Apparently a novice.

Newton threw 27 passing, completing nine years, and had two goals and three interceptions. It was not polished enough to go out and improvise. To do right, a player must have the basics, and on Sunday night, he did not.

In defense of Newton, who threw a touchdown pass in 55 pages, Steve Smith.

And he has to play the second half, when players have to worry about being polite and trying to win some. He faces more pressure than the first half of the NFC quarterbacks, Aaron Rodgers and Drew Brees, no.

Newton would be worse than other players in the field.

But scenery is beautiful, and nobody will remember the fantastic.

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