Barrington native goes up ‘The River’

More optimistic for Jeff Galfer dead. His character became the first victim on February 7, ABC premiere of the paranormal television series, "The River".

"I knew it was going to die, but I do not care because I was so excited to work at this level," said Barrington native.

Landing the role of Sammy, a photographer documenting the search for the missing explorer, not easy. Galfer went to the audition because I knew the director of the pilot, Jaume Collet-Serra, but others are bumpy process. Creative team (Michael R. Perry and Oren Peli, the creator of the series "Paranormal Activity"), I wanted that role, but the network wanted a familiar face, so "no" call to come - While in the car with her boyfriend and his parents, whom he met for the first time.

Galfer But luck is changing rapidly. The next day - because it will enter the small claims court in a fight with his manager, his mechanic told him that he got the part, but is in Puerto Rico soon.

"I told my mechanic, I forgive him, and that the end of it," said Galfer.

Galfer, 32, spent the next three and a half weeks of filming the pilot. "The River" follows the varied personnel search for the explorer Dr. Emmet Cole (Bruce Greenwood), who lost the Amazon. Galfer play one of the two cameramen, to finish the recording, not only a beautiful trip down the river, but the work of evil spirits. It showed footage of portable cameras and surveillance cameras, so most Galfer face is not a lot of time in the face.

"They let us shoot something like this. I'd say my performance is great because it was shot well, "he said. "There's a scene I'm very proud of - when [the actor] Eloise Mumford has been beaten and burned on the walls, I'm sure that 99 percent had a single shot to the corner of that day."

Galfer even filmed his own death. Although the event was knowing that his character does not make it past the first episode, it is still hard to leave.

"At the end of weeks three and a half, I felt like I was part of this show. A reasonable number of the officers approached me and said, I really hope that you will die. "I could not be more grateful to be admired by people from far away, and they told me."

Galfer create said it was "too cautious about bringing people from the dead", but because they offer "The River" in the paranormal, the resurrection is not completely out of the question.

Last October, was "the best birthday present" when asked to go to Hawaii to shoot scenes for the flashback episode.

"Nobody will forget how wonderful we have to do this pilot - the sound of those who came and gave me a hug. I do not think I have to pay to eat or drink while I was there, "said Galfer.

She said she will be part of a scene shows a flashback, but in other respects, must live in LA, however, remains a serious help of "The River" to succeed, even taking into Twitter for the cause.

Galfer a regret for "The River" is that his father, Michael, you can not see. He died shortly before the show started the audition process.

However, the. Two share their experience when they attend the premiere in Hollywood for "The Orphan," Collet-Serra direct

"I am delighted to have the opportunity for him to come to the premiere of the film for me," said Galfer.

Many Galfer interest in the casting of "The River" came when his name is associated with a "soap star" in the starting lineup. Galfer has appeared in several episodes of "All My Children" as Dr. Burke, a therapist who "violate all rules of therapy" drug funniest Lavery Annie (Melissa Claire Egan).

"[My character] really Jewish. I'll just go to the scene and provide treatment for any character in any situation. They appeared at the gates of the people. "

Now, Galfer is in the middle of the madness of a test for the television pilot season. This time it was more optimistic about their chances.

"In Los Angeles, is difficult to get a hearing for any of a certain caliber if you are not a famous actor. Now the networks, ABC, at least I know who I am. I hope that now, but that's Jeff Galfer? "'A ... is ... Jeff Galfer? "

Galfer moved to Los Angeles three years ago, leaving New York when he decided that his "heart energy and unity" in the city.

"Towards the end of my time in New York, I became very anxious, I had a bad bout of depression. I was in my mid 20's, I feel entitled to something, and I'm not sure why I feel entitled. I was very uncomfortable, even leave my apartment. I think it would be easier to be around there is no way that I have. "

With the support of their parents, Galfer took the camera and started taking photos of different environments of New York, every weekend. Started as a way to get an apartment, but eventually turned the photograph on the work that continues to this day.

As for his people, Galfer back to Chicago twice a year. Visit last memory was in 2010 when he returned from 60 years of high school reunion, where Barrington alum performed songs from the musicals in high school. The rest of Galfer perform "I am the very model of modern major general" from "Pirates of Penzance," a song so powerful that she has sung in 13 years.

"That was a horrible experience," he laughed.

When the house Galfer, there is one that almost always stops - Buffalo Joe in Evanston, where the family moved after winning the high school.

"They are the best buffalo wings I've had in every city I live," he said.

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