IRS encouraging early tax filing

Although the tax filing deadline is 17 April this year instead of April 15, the Internal Revenue Service wants to present as soon as possible.

According to a spokesman for the IRS, and Boone, because the longer you wait, the more likely that a file error.

"I always find people on their taxes early to make fewer mistakes because they do not like the big jump last-minute reporting," said Boone. "We are approaching the end of January, which is the deadline for employers to have their W-2 forms available to their employees. In most cases, 1099 to benefit the banks and things like that should be available within the next week or so. One way to reduce the number of errors in the e-file. Paper returns the error rate of about 20 percent, and e-file error rate of less than 1 percent. "

The good news for taxpayers there is no news as to change a file system or the tax code this year.

"A tax rebate that used last year can be used as go through the preparation of the return for the year if your situation has not changed in any way," said Boone.

A new warning, however, increased IRS regulations for paid tax preparers.

Last year began the process of the new rules, the IRS will give you all paid preparers identification number.

"If you take a paid preparer, make sure to sign the form, not only in line with the paid preparer, but be sure to include a PTIN number in exchange for their identification," said Boone. "The next phase will begin to rule this summer, when we started to test the ability of all registered with the IRS. For now, people still have to go through the same precautions when taking a coach. Check the Better Business Bureau, check the credentials are good, make sure they have all year and not only for the reporting period, and so forth. "

Boone said people should also be aware of three self-help site tax in Houston County.

Two sites designated as vita, which means that for the Voluntary Assistance Program Income Tax, and are intended for household incomes of taxpayers below $ 50,000 per year.

Third is the site of the AARP Tax-second, which is aimed at people over 60 years with no income limit.

Sites prepare tax returns for free, but Boone also says residents can apply online through www.irs.gov.

Boone said any taxpayer with annual income below $ 49,078 should ask their tax preparer Income Tax Credit received to see if you qualify.

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