American Idol Premiere Episode Review Episode 1-1 Contenders vs. Pretenders

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The first episode of American Idol has come and gone and while Steven Tyler and J-Lo are drawing relatively good reviews, it’s time to separate the contenders from the pretenders.


- Rachel Zevita was okay and certainly improved from the last time we saw her doing the opera. The fact that J-Lo remembered her was probably staged, but if it was, it means she will do well.

- Kenzie Palmer did a great job and I was STUNNED that she was only 15. Unreal.

- Another shocker was J-Lo superfan, Tiffany Rios (the girl with metallic stars pasted to her bra), but her second song ‘I’m Your Lady’ was spectacular. Not sure why they decided to use her for the Jersey Shore parody but her voice seriously made me forget it.

- The Ms. America-In-Training Victoria Huggins was sweet but I think she will get annoying real fast. That being said, a solid audition.

- My favorite of the night was Kosovo’s Melinda Ademi. Good story, great voice. All Idol.

- The sob stories got to be a bit much but I guess some filler is necessary to fill up a two-hour show. Brielle Von Hugel was the daughter of the dad with throat cancer, but she did a good audition and certainly it was good enough to get to Hollywood.

- Travis Orlando, 16, closed out the show and had another sad story about being homeless. He did well, but I definitely need to hear him sing again before I give him anymore praise.


- One of the worst of the night was Chris Cordeiro. He was the boy-scout. He was also terrible.

- Michael Perotto was HILARIOUSLY bad with her cover of “Proud Mary.” Classic.

- I absolutely HATED the Liza Minnelli wannabe, Ashley Sullivan. Thought she was annoying, abrasive, odd and begging for a golden ticket grated on me. This isn’t Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory and you ain’t Charlie.

- LOVED Yoji (Pop) Asano, 25, version of Miley Cyrus’ “Party in the U.S.A.” It was probably the highlight of the show.

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