Rewritten in the Stars: Zodiac Signs Change

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It's a real-life horror story for anyone who reads their horoscope... or has it permanently placed on their body.

"It's a fairly common thing, there's nothing wrong with it," said Sean Robinson from Voodoo Monkey Tattoo on W. 25th in Cleveland. "It's just sorta an easy beginner tattoo because everyone would think, 'Oh, I'll always be a Scorpio, that'll never change,' but now, who knows."

The problem? According to a new report from the Minnesota Planetarium Society, your astrological sign has been very wrong for about 1,000 years. In an interview with the Minneapolis Star-Tribune, a leading zodiac expert says signs based on the constellation of where the sun was at the time of your birth, were all off. Oops! According to the society, the Earth has been wobbling on its axis for about 1,000 years and the days didn't align right.

"Oh, any idea that there could be an influence in different constellations coming through the sun on babies on the day you're born is absurd," said Clyde Simpson, the Observatory Coordinator at the Cleveland Museum of Natural History. He doesn't buy it, any of it. "We've been fighting astrology and pseudo-science, superstition, silliness for quite a long time here."

The ancient Babylonians created the system based on where the sun is located when a person is born. All these years later, it morphed into personality traits one can read about in newspapers and magazines. While a lot of people read them, not everyone believes it. "I mean, I think all of that is kinda hokey," said Sean Robinson at Voodoo Monkey. "You know, it's sorta like, there's enough good and bad in each of those that everyone can kinda agree."

Whether the new idea catches on is a whole other story because change is never easy, even if you can see it in the stars. "Sometimes I read it and I think I have, like, a necklace that has a sign on it," said Maggie Smith, a Scorpio. "But, I don't have a Scorpio tattoo and I'm glad I don't if they're gonna change it!"

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