Roy Williams: Don't call me anymore

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You'd sort of think, given last year's difficulties, not to mention the always-on nature of the North Carolina basketball fan base, that UNC coach Roy Williams would be used to this sort of thing by now. It's like clockwork (and not just at UNC; plenty of fan bases do this): If the team has a bad game, people call in to the coach's radio show to complain. If it plays well, there are fewer complaints. If you win a national title, every call is "WOOOOO GRAHHHH CHAMPS RAHHHHHH" with the sound of car fires crackling in the background.

These are college basketball fans. Especially in North Carolina.

So, yeah, you'd think Roy would be used to a little radio-show grilling. Whether he is or not, he apparently doesn't like it very much. Responding to callers that flooded the airwaves with negative questions after UNC's ugly loss to Georgia Tech this weekend, Williams told fans to "keep their [darn] phone calls" to themselves:

"I’m really proud of those kids,’’ Williams said during his postgame media session on Tuesday. “Everybody talked about how poorly they played at Georgia Tech. My radio call [show] last night stunk; everybody was talking about how they were Carolina fans for 9 million years and how bad we are; I don’t give a [darn] how long you’re a Carolina fans, those are kids in the locker room, and they played their buns off tonight.

"I can remember working for Coach [Dean] Smith, and we go down to Clemson, and we got beat 93-76, and I thought the world was going to end. ... But I didn’t have anybody calling up the TV show, talking about my team. Don’t call me next week and say how good we are; keep your [darn] phone calls to yourself.”

After a later question, Williams added: “... And I apologize, talking to you [media about this], but my God, these are 18-, 19-, 20-year olds. Did any of you call my call in show? Then I apologize; I should tell them that. I thought I showed great restraint last night.”

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