Oprah Secret in Family: Did Her 'Ilegitimate' Baby Really Die?

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Is the Oprah secret in her family she is revealing today about being reunited with an illegitimate baby she thought was dead when she delivered it at 14? Perhaps, Winfrey's recent interview with Piers Morgan holds the key to today's announcement.

She was once a reporter, who lived in a life of obscurity, but would one day become one of the wealthiest and most respected human beings in the world.

From her humble beginnings, Oprah Winfrey understood the importance of family, and her recent revelation about a family secret has the world on edge, waiting for the "shot that could be heard from around the world". What is the Oprah secret in her family?

According to CBS News, correspondent Michelle Miller offers some insight into what the talk-show queen could have in store for television viewers on Monday. She reminded readers what Oprah said about recent news she received that “shook her to her core”.

Oprah, on her family secret said that she "was given some news that literally shook me to my core. … I've been keeping a family secret for months, and you're gonna hear it straight from me.” She went on to say that she would be "reunited" with someone. But who is this person?

Could it be that her father Vernon Winfrey is not really her blood dad? Perhaps the answer in the Oprah secret about her family lies in the Piers Morgan interview she gave recently.

When she sat down with the CNN host, she told Morgan about some "Color Purple" type of things that happened in her life off screen. Winfrey is the victim of child sexual abuse and an early pregnancy.

At 14, Oprah Winfrey became pregnant. Fearing shame and punishment from her strict father, she decided to conceal the pregnancy; especially after hearing her father lay down the laws of the land in the household. Unaware of Oprah's secret, her father said:

"I would rather see a daughter of mine floating down the Cumberland River than to bring shame on this family and the indecency of an illegitimate child."

She tried to hide her growing belly, but was hospitalized when her ankles became so swollen, it made walking almost unbearable. That's when she lost her child. Or did she?

Could the baby have been born, and for the greater good of her life and society's, she was not told about the child, who was placed in protective custody or up for adoption? That appears to be the likely scenario, given the fact that anything else would not be that big of a bombshell. Laws and the times were much different during that time.

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