Oprah s Sister: Yet Another Secret Pregnancy??

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I have sometimes wondered why Oprah Winfrey never had children. She seems so warm, so generous, buying her audience cars and trips to Australia. It’s like she’s the whole world’s mother. For an hour a day. Minus commercial breaks. Yet Oprah has always seemed turned off by the idea of motherhood. And the last week has given us some seriously disturbing insight into Oprah’s secret past and let’s just say I kind of understand why this woman might not have been in a huge hurry to go and start her own family. First Oprah’s secret teen pregnancy. Now Oprah’s secret half sister?

Oprah’s own teen pregnancy was hidden from her father when she was sent to live with him after being raised by her mother up to the age of 9. It’s not clear whether what Oprah revealed today was unrelated to her change in custody or if it may give us a little insight into why she was sent away in the first place.

Apparently Oprah’s mother, Vernita Lee, was pregnant and gave birth to a sister when Oprah was 9. The sister was given up for adoption, and Oprah never knew that she existed. In fact, she never even knew her mother was pregnant. Oprah became aware of her half sister only recently, and she, her mother and her half sister were reunited today on The Oprah Winfrey Show.

The TV appearance implies that Oprah is willing to forgive her mother for concealing her pregnancy, but I can’t even imagine how it would feel to experience this degree of deception. It’s truly like a plot from a soap opera, where someone is sent away and comes back with a fully grown child! I am glad to see that Oprah has been reunited with her sister Patricia and seems to be happy about it.

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